Amanda Shaw’s Gone Fishin’ with LBJ

Gone Fishing
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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - We've practically seen her grow up on stage, and Amanda Shaw remains one of our musical treasures.  We went fishing a few days ago, and she told us that she was really excited about her new album, her fist since 2010.

According to Shaw, "Although it's been a long time since my last record came out, I got to have a lot of fun these last few years going on sessions in L.A. and in Nashville, and I feel like a lot of things that have been able to help me build my craft."

New Amanda Shaw self titled EP (WGNO-TV)
New Amanda Shaw self titled EP (WGNO-TV)

Shaw gets to exercise that craft we've grown to love at a host of dates around the world.  She even brought our music to Brazil for festivals and parties. She's proud to be an ambassador of our city.

"I've played some , ya know, Louisiana themed birthday party, and we want to get some acts up there, and it does wonders," she told us. "For some people it makes a difference of having a day job, and to continue to build that tradition of New Orleans music and culture and everything. It's just so important."

Amanda Shaw Gone Fishin' with LBJ (WGNO-TV)
Amanda Shaw Gone Fishin' with LBJ (WGNO-TV)

Of course on this day, Shaw was the cutest girl on the fish pond, but she's no stranger to the water. In fact, her mom was raised in the Bahamas. She taught her a few tricks.

"When she went fishing, she'd just get a string with bait, and when she tried to do that my dad started laughing and said, 'You can't catch fish that way.' My mama caught the biggest fish that day with just the string," said Shaw.

Amanda Shaw on the Twist Stage (WGNO-TV)
Amanda Shaw on the Twist Stage (WGNO-TV)

Amanda Shaw's new self titled EP is currently out, and you can see where she's performing here. Her new video for the song "Red Plastic Cup" drops next Tuesday!


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