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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)- Did you see “The Bachelor” this past week?  Well, Season 21’s contestant Corinne Olympios revealed to the other girls that she herself still has a nanny!

Corinne is 24 years old, but said she is proud that her nanny Raquel still takes care of her by doing her laundry, cooking for her, etc.


Now, a guy named Mark Chandley of Beverly Hills created a GoFundMe account to raise money to “Free Raquel.”

The account has so far raised $125 of its $100,000 goal.

Corinne has responded on her Instagram account saying, “This is not a joke anymore someone took this way too far and is trying to make money for themselves. Raquel is not a slave and my family and I treat her like part of the family.  Leave it alone already it’s getting old. Grow up.”

She then followed her post with the #raquelisfree #celebnanny hashtags.