Gina Rodriguez salsas into the Oscars: she’ll be a presenter at the Academy Awards

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HOLLYWOOD – She’s a TV star.

She’s a Golden Globes winner.

She’s Gina Rodriguez and she just got word that she’ll be at the Oscars.

Yes, Gina will be a presenter.

You can watch her on WGNO ABC-26 on the Academy Awards on Sunday March 4.

She’s a big star on the hit show Jane the Virgin on NOLA 38 – the CW.

Before the start of the second season, WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood headed to Hollywood to interview Gina and the cast about the show.

Wild Bill wound up inviting her to salsa.

As Wild Bill finds out, Gina Rodriguez is ready.

She was ready to salsa into the second season of Jane the Virgin.

As she salsas with Wild Bill, Gina Rodriguez says, “you’ve got lots of hippage.”

“Hippage?” says Wild Bill.

Gina says, “nice hips!”

Hips and who knows what else?

For the show, Jane the Virgin, it’s a great cast. That’s what else.

It’s the show about a girl, whose name is Jane and who is a virgin.

That’s at least until Jane gets accidentally artificially pregnant. And she has a baby boy.

The critics who hate everything have always loved this show.

Most everybody on the cast says, “they were our saving grace from the beginning and it’s great to have so much support.

As the CW‘s hit show Jane the Virgin gets more popular,  the show’s star Gina Rodriguez gets set to get recognized, more than ever before.

Gina’s a star.  From airports to coffee shops, everybody knows her name.

They know she’s Gina.  They know  she’s Jane.

And they know Jane the Virgin had a baby in the season one finale!

And now they’ll see their Jane, their Gina Rodriguez at the greatest show biz show on earth.

That’s  the Oscars.


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