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HOUMA, La.– Would you get a tattoo without seeing the design first?

In downtown Houma, Copperhead Tattooing has a gumball-like machine that allows customers to forgo the normal design process if they so choose and let this machine choose their fate.

It’s name is the “Get What You Get Machine.”

“The get what you get machine, I mean, that pretty much says it all. You put the quarters in and spin it and you get what you get,” says owner, Eddie Snyder.

We met up with two women who are no strangers to tattoos.

One was there to get her 11’th tattoo from the gumball machine.

“I’ve always wanted a traditional sleeve, but I never knew how to piece it together. I’m not really creative. So, when I walked in and I saw the machine I was like, that is a really cool idea. I like the fact they take the time to do all of the art work and then they put it in there. So, it’s like they get to have fun and we have fun with it,” says customer, Olivia Moffett.

“You just kind of put your fifty cents in and turn the little knob and you get what you get. Then, you have to unroll the little paper, so you don’t even know what you get until then. It’s pretty exciting,” says another brave soul utilizing the machine, Kelsie Hebert.

The tattoos cost two quarters and then forty dollars.

I think that means this whole process is both a gamble and a steal when it comes to the costs of tattoos.

“Usually, it is designs that are going to be worth more than what you are paying. So, it’s kind of like a cool way to get a good deal, and we don’t put anything crazy in them,” says Snyder.

If you don’t like what you get the first time, it’s 10 dollars for an extra spin.

Although none of the designs in the machine are too out of the ordinary, the owner did let his 5-year-old son design a template.

It’s a donut with a dagger going through it.

So if you want to “get what you get,” you might just get a donut dagger.

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