Game Day rituals by former and current LSU players and coaches

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New Orleans - When it comes to sports, no one should mess with anyone's luck charms or superstitions.

For LSU players and coaches, their specific rituals are just as important as making or calling a winning play on the field or court.

"Pistol Pete" Maravich was widely known for wearing the same pair of grey wool socks that were too big and floppy.

Maravich believed that if he didn't wear his socks he would play the worst game of his career.

In football, former head coach Les Miles was known for dining on the field. He ate the grass from it!

Miles believed that doing this,  he humbled himself as a man and became part of the field and game.

Even coaches you wouldn't think would believe in superstitions have their own odd rituals.

Nick Saban walks a lap around the field after handing his daughter a penny.

Saban must also kiss and hug his wife before the start of each game.

Former LSU player Odell Beckham Jr. is known for his one-handed catches.

Before each game he practices the most difficult one-handed catch he can come up with.

Judging by the results it's hard to argue with him.

LSU quarterback Joe Burrow has two superstitions of his own.

He wears one game day sock inside out, and he must have a caramel apple sucker before each game.

These suckers are so special that in high school a girl asked him to prom with two big bags of the candy. Naturally he said "yes."

Head football coach Ed Orgeron might have the most physical ritual before a game.

Former players say he chugs a Red Bull, smashes the can against his head, and then punches himself in the face while growling.

This gets everyone in the room into "game mode" and judging by this season, it seems to work.


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