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The New Orleans Fringe Festival kicks off Wednesday.  In its 6th year- the wild, weird and wacky festival is bigger than ever.  News With A Twist reporter Deepak Saini has a preview of some of the acts you can expect to see.

There’s something for everyone at Fringe Fest.  You can expect to see Negras Quilombolas, an Afro-Brazilian group that will sway you with their beat.

Reporter: “Well, this feels really fringy.”  A’lon Clark says, “It’s itchy.”

Their moves are impressive.  You’ll forget that they’re just kids.

Negras Quilombolas member Jordan Powell says, “I’m ready to perform again cause I’ve performed in Jazz Fest and French Fest.”

New Orleans Fringe Festival Executive Director Kristen Evans says, “We actually think that New Orleans has a fringe festival all year long but we crammed a bunch of it into five days.”

Fringe Fest has come a long way in six years.  4,000 people came out to see the eccentric acts in 2008.  Last year, the audience grew to 14,000.

Evans says, “Still very grassroots.  Definitely community based.  It’s an effort that comes from local residents, businesses, performers.”

There’s more than 70 performing groups this year with venues all over the city.  While it’s going mainstream, the festival is still pretty fringy.

How would you like to rendezvous with Krin Haglund?  She’s a one woman circus act.  If you want to drink with her, she’ll make you work for it.

Tickets to the New Orleans Fringe Festival are $8 per show.

For more information, or see to the lineup of over 70 performing groups, click here: