Test Kitchen Taylor’s picks: Bacchanal Wine and The Elysian Bar open for contactless curbside pick up


NEW ORLEANS – After two long months, the offerings of Bacchanal Wine and The Elysian Bar are now available by contactless curbside pick up!

Both spots are following the CDC guidelines for sanitation and cleanliness, and have implemented new standards to keep the safety and well-being of guests and staff as the top priority.

At the Elysian Bar, they are offering family-style meals, sides, and sweets! The meal is a Braised Pork Lasagne for 2 or 4 with roasted mushrooms, kale, and bechamel. Test Kitchen Taylor’s side picks are the Gulf Shrimp & Bayou Cora Grits with Smoked Tomato and Fennel Broth, and the Whipped Ricotta and Sourdough Flatbread. Test Kitchen Taylor’s sweets picks are the Peach & Blueberry cobbler with ice cream and the Oat, Date, and Pecan Cookies. But you can’t go wrong, any way you slice it!

At Bacchanal, they’re offering a 3 Cheese Plate and a large selection of wine and beer. They are required to sell for with any liquor purchase, so if you want some wine but don’t want a full cheese plate, Test Kitchen Taylor says try their Fresh Sourdough Bread!


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