Test Kitchen Taylor tries a free virtual cocktail class with Sazerac House


NEW ORLEANS – The Sazerac House is now offering complimentary online Virtual Cocktail Workshops, and they had Test Kitchen Taylor try it out! How do you think her Sazerac came out?

The classes are completely free but have limited capacity, so make sure to sign up here. If you don’t have ingredients on hand, you can purchase cocktail kits here. Cocktail kits are available for pre-order and curbside pickup at the Sazerac House, with 10% of proceeds going to benefit the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation.

But it’s not just a simple recipe. Sazerac House experience team leaders Rhiannon Enlil and Matt Ray, both long-time New Orleans cocktail experts, focus on one cocktail per session, giving participants the historical background of the drink and a hands-on demonstration, all the while taking questions via the chatbox. Guests will learn everything from the first places that these cocktails were ever served to the type of ice best suited for them, all while mixing up their own and sipping simultaneously with cocktail enthusiasts around the world.

Moving forward, the represented cocktails and corresponding cocktail kits are:    

June 3: Ward 8
Cocktail Kit ($27): Sazerac Rye (750ml), lemons, orange and grenadine.

June 4: Queen’s Park Swizzle
Cocktail Kit ($51): Jung & Wulff Trinidad Rum (750ml), Peychaud’s Bitters (5 oz.), limes, mint, and simple syrup (2 oz.)

June 5: The Sazerac
Cocktail Kit ($66): Sazerac Rye (750ml), Herbsaint (750ml), Peychaud’s Bitters (5 oz.), lemons and sugar cubes

Registration is required for classes and is online here. All Virtual Cocktail Workshops will take place online via Web-Ex and Facebook Live, and guests will receive an emailed link with login instructions following registration.


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