Seafood Authority and GW Fins Owner Chef Tenney Flynn Releases Cookbook

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NEW ORLEANS – Test Kitchen Taylor ventured out of the studio to talk to Chef Tenney Flynn about his new cookbook, “The Deep End of Flavor.”

The Inspiration
Chef Tenney has been working in restaurants since he was nine years old. He began his journey at his father’s restaurant and says he grew up in the industry. “Dad had a Southern restaurant…I’m so old that this was still a segregated society. I grew up in the kitchen with all black women, I learn to cook from them, so they gave me a basis of a lot of the ways I cook.”

The Recipes
The recipes are all seafood-based, and there are lots of sauces and sides, but it’s really about bringing delicious recipes to the home cook. “It’s not a ‘chefy’ book, it’s got a couple of ‘chefy’ recipes in it but basically it’s a technique book for the home cook. And these recipes were meticulously tested by home cooks. They work.”

The Taste Test
Test Kitchen Taylor and Chef Tenney made a traditional Thai Green Curry with Lobster. Chef Tenney told Taylor, “I have one little lobster back there that’s just, his life is about to come to an end.” And he reassured Taylor when she seemed sad, “well if we’re going to eat him he asked to die. It’s OK.” Chef let Taylor do some of the hard work, sauteing vegetables, and taught her how to do a fancy flip. When it was all said and done – Taylor had a new favorite recipe, “That is so good, it’s nice and spicy, I feel like I’m in Thailand. I love it!”

The Details
Pick up your copy of The Deep End of Flavor at GW Fins in the French Quarter or it’s available online.  Chef Tenney is doing book signings all week long at the restaurant. Check out the Thai Gren Curry with Lobster at their Lobster Feast, September 13th through 21st.


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