OMG! Is that vending machine serving me a spinach salad with carrots and croutons?

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SLIDELL, La - Any way you slice it.

No matter how you dice it.

There's always a chop shop, always backstage and behind the scenes at any salad bar like Salad Station in Slidell.

Now you can leave the heavy lifting to a vending machine because just like Diet Coke and Cheetos, salad is served.

All you need is an appetite.

And of course a credit card as WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood finds out.

The mastermind behind bringing leafy greens to Louisiana inside what's basically a fresh food robot, he's the same guy who stocks the vending machine from his own restaurant twice a day.

His name is Russell Raymond.

Wild Bill wonders, "do you fear the vending machine will do to the salad bar business what the internet did to magazine, newspapers and now TV news!"

Russell Raymond has no fear.

He says, "unless the machine can grow it and chop it, you always need people."

The Salad Station vending machine is taking a test drive.

The first road trip is in the hall at Slidell Memorial Hospital.

Soon it heads out into the fast lane of Louisiana and then across America.

The price is $8 a bowl.

You get to choose from a big buffet of more than 20 ingredients.

It's open 24/7.

It's the cafe that never closes.

With so far, never a concern that croutons or organic spinach get stuck in the machine on the way to your mouth.


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