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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Forget red beans and rice, today is National Gumbo Day!

Whether you like your gumbo with meat or seafood, I think we can all agree that it ain’t gumbo with the vegetable Holy Trinity.

So how long have folks in Louisiana been chowing down on it? The answer isn’t as obvious as you may think! We asked the director of the Southern Food and Beverage Museum and she says the earliest mention of gumbo comes from an old court case.

“There was a time when a person was actually being interviewed for a court case, and if you look at the transcript for the trial she talks about looking our her window while she was stirring her gumbo in her testimony,” said Liz Williams. “Nobody said, ‘what is gumbo?’ and that was in early 19th century. Like, 1803 or something like that. So, I know that gumbo has been around since probably around the 18th century.”