How can a sweetener have zero calories and be made out of actual sugarcane? The science of Purecane

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A completely natural, calorie-free, non-GMO science-backed sweetener? It’s called Purecane.

Purecane is made through a unique fermentation process of Brazilian sugarcane. The scientists at Purecane ferment sustainably-grown yeast and sugarcane syrup to create a “target molecule.” This is the same molecule found in stevia plants, without the actual stevia plants. The yeast is then extracted through a highly extensive process to produce the no-calorie sweetener.

Purecane has no bitter aftertaste and tastes very close to real sugar. Many other stevia products have a bitter aftertaste because it’s virtually impossible to extract the target molecule from the stevia plant on its own. Therefore, other sweeteners use a blend of the stevia leaves, causing the unpleasant taste.

Purecane is Test Kitchen Taylor’s favorite sweetener. She always has some on hand and in her kitchen. She uses it in everything from her morning coffee to her infamous banana muffins!

Want to try Purecane for yourself? Check out their website.


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