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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – For 160 years, family owned and operated Elmer Chocolate has been cranking out seasonal sweets. They’re now the second largest manufacturer of heart-shaped box chocolate in North America but around here, they’re best known for their Easter treats.

“Easter is very strong, we’re sitting here in one of the largest Easter markets in the United States and that runs from about Houston, Texas to about Pensacola, Florida as far north as I-20,” says President and CEO Robert Nelson.

Elmer’s does Easter right! The top three products from this market are Gold Brick Eggs, Heavenly Hash Eggs and Pecan Eggs.

“The Gold Brick Egg was actually formulated by the Elmer’s family in 1936. It was the first candy bar that sold for a dime, everything else was a nickel at the time and they said it would never sell. It was something about the gold wrapper that if people had it they felt rich and you’re coming off the Depression at that point in time so, the item took off.”

“Heavenly Hash was actually invented by a department store on Canal Street in New Orleans around the turn of the century. In 1923 the Elmer family purchased the recipe. The Pecan Egg is actually the only product we make that does not have chocolate. We use Louisiana pecans and we try to get that flavor just perfect.”

Nothing says nostalgia like an Elmer’s egg for Easter and in Louisiana where our traditions are as strong as our sweet tooth, it’s a recipe for success.

“People grew up with Elmer’s in their Easter baskets when they were children, they want to do that for their children, it’s something they pass on so it’s a family event, an occasion within the family. There’s nobody alive who wasn’t born when Elmer’s was available so it’s been around their entire life,” says Nelson.