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NEW ORLEANS— Whether you’re Catholic or not, the influence of that religion on our culture plays out in our diets more this time of year than most.

To find out just how much of our favorable eats we consume, we headed over to one of the biggest producers of what we love, Cajun Seafood.

Owner Chi Nguyen told us, “This week is always gonna be our biggest week because of Lent season and the ending of Lent. You’ve got Good Friday and then you’ve got Easter, so there are a lot of parties and a lot of gatherings.”

If you’re wondering just how much seafood they move this one week of the year, ask mom.  Nga Le is in charge of keeping a keen eye on just how much shrimp, crawfish, and oysters they sell.

Yes, we love our seafood in these parts and the folks at Cajun do deliver.  In fact they operate 4 locations across the area.  In fact, they’ve even become a favortie spot for people visiting our city, and it’s for good reason.

Nguyen says, “I guess word of mouth because we’ve catered to locals for over 20 years now, and a lot of locals work in the tourist industry, even from the concierge in the tourist industry to the housekeeping people. People are asking where the locals go, so they always recommend Cajun’s.”