Fat Boy’s Pizza brings giant slices and an eating competition to Metairie

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METAIRIE, La. — It seems like everyone at Fat Boy’s Pizza just wants a piece of the pie.

The new pizza spot is buzzing with long lines and customers that just can’t seem to get enough.

Gabe Corchiani, the owner and mastermind of this business, says his love for pizza all started when he moved to New Orleans in the early 80s on a basketball scholarship for UNO.

“Pizza is my favorite food as well as my family. I have 4 kids and my wife, and we eat pizza a lot. I found down here, that there really wasn’t a great pizza, the pizza that I enjoy which is really the New York style pizza,” says Cochiani.

That’s why he decided to create Fat Boy’s Pizza where folks can get a single slice that’s 30 inches across, with thin crust, and topped to perfection.

If that’s not big enough for ya, there’s also the 2-foot pizza challenge.

“It’s a 2-foot slice of pizza. You can either get it cheese or pepperoni,” Cochiani explains.

If you choose to take on this giant slice, you have 7 minutes to scarf it down.

“If you go ahead and eat the entire slice of pizza within 7 minutes, you get a shirt that says, ‘I conquered the 2-foot challenge.’ If you beat the record that we have on the board, which is now 6 minutes and 33 seconds, you get a $20 gift card as well,” says Cochiani.

With the tag phrase, “Size Matters,” and a mascot that displaces a big ole belly spilling out of his shirt, Corchiani hopes that customers see the logo and remember one thing.

“I’d like them, of course, just to associate it with the best pizza around,” says Cochiani.

Fat Boy’s Pizza is located on Metairie road in old Metairie.

Along with pizza, the restaurant serves meatballs, chicken wings, hoagies, and more.

The two foot challenge costs $20 to enter.

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