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NEW ORLEANS – You’ll drink to this.

After you drink it, you can eat it.

You can eat the straw from your drink that is.

And you can plant your coaster!

That’s what WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood found when he bellied up to the bar at Tiki Tolteca as part of Tales of the Cocktail.

Tiki Tolteca is located above, on the second floor above Felipe’s Taqueria at 301 N. Peters Street in New Orleans, Louisiana.

It’s in the French Quarter.

During the world famous Tales of the Cocktail, Tiki Tolteca invited bartenders who call themselves not just bartenders, but sustainable bartenders.

They are bartenders who not only want to quench your thirst, they want to save the environment.

The main bartender is Lucas Groglio.

He’s from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Lucas Groglio is part of Cocteleria Consciente.  The goal of Cocteleria Consciente is to raise awareness about the environment.

One of the ways this group is doing that is with straws.

You know how every company from McDonalds to Starbucks is doing away with plastic straws because of the belief that they’re bad for the environment.

Well, these guys,  lead by Lucas Groglio, serve straws that you can actually eat.  That’s right.

Straws are a snack for you after and even during the drink.

They come in flavors like lemon, lime and strawberry.

And then those coasters?

When you’re done with them, you can plant them in your garden. They have wild flower seeds, somehow, planted inside them.

How does your garden grow now?

Even Lucas Groglio’s business card is doing its part.

After you save the information about him, you can plant it and grow basil!