Dr. Rachel’s expert tips to avoid a Mardi Gras injury

Dr. Rachel
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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – It is Mardi Gras season. Time to honor a rainbow of traditions, and of course, go to parades.

Parades are exciting and fun but they can also lead to injuries. The most common injury that occurs is eye injuries.

This is usually due to things being thrown at people instead of being tossed.

“Many people, including my mom, have had bags of beads thrown at them, and they have had their glasses broken,” News With A Twist Teaching Doc, Dr. Rachel said.

Slips and falls are big issues too!

These occur due to the debris on the ground and people partaking in a little too much adult beverage.  Slips and falls lead to cuts, sprained ankles, head trauma and even broken bones.

Ladder injuries are another common injury.

These occur when kids fall from ladders. Ladders fall over onto other people, or people trip over them.

Dr. Rachel says there are over 100 more emergency room visits per day during Mardi Gras weekend.

Here are some safety tips to make sure you are not one of those.

  1. Wear flat, closed-toed shoes.
  2. Wear protective eyewear. (Yes, they may be funny-looking, but you can decorate them to make them look festive.)
  3. Do not text while floats are going pass. Injuries occur when people are not paying attention.

Have a fun and safe Mardi Gras!

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