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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – If you’ve been feeling cruddy lately, you’re not alone.

It starts with maybe a little sore throat, and then it gets a lot worse.

In homes and offices across Louisiana, and the country, we’re all battling the “crud.”

Our teaching doctor, Dr. Rachel, even caught it!

She explains what exactly is going around.

“There’s a horrible, horrible virus going around, cough, low grade fever. You’re kind of feeling fatigue. A lot of postnasal drip which leads to a horrible cough. If you happen to have a fever of 101.4 or higher, then you should go to your doctor. It might be more of a bacterial infection. But one of the things we are seeing with this virus is that everyone wants a Z-pak, and they are not getting better,” says Dr. Rachel.

So what should people take?

Dr. Rachel recommends a decongestant like Sudafed, to dry up your post nasal passage. She also says Mucinex is very vital; it loosens the phlegm you are wanting to cough up.

And guess what folks, whatever is going around, is very contagious!