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SLIDELL, La – Think about it.  Think about junior high school.

Do you remember your junior high school principal’s name?

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood has found a junior high school principal who remembers your name even if your forget his.

He’s in the middle of the hall.  At Clearwood Junior High in Slidell, Louisiana, a hall is a hectic place.

And it’s a sacred space for the principal who knows, just about every student, well many of them, by name.

Wild Bill asks him, “is it easier to remember straight A students or trouble makers?”

He says, “all of them are my kids and I try to have good relationships with all of them.”

Behind his big desk, the name dropping principal is named Alan Bennett.

He’s a busy guy.

And he knows what time it is.

It’s time, after 47 years, for him to retire from his job at Clearwood Junior HIgh.

Wild Bill asks Alan Bennett, “after half a century, what kind of difference did you make in their lives?”

Principal Alan Bennett says, “I think I was fair and that’s the main thing.”

In the band room, Alan Bennett goes back to his roots.  He started his career in education as a band teacher.  Then he became a band director.

He’s the kind of principal who reads the classics to seventh graders in English class.

Seventh grader Kyree McGowan says, “this is the first time I ever heard him read to me and a one in a lifetime opportunity.”

Kyree says, “it’s a special memory that we’ll cherish in our hearts cause it’s our last time that we’ll probably see him.”

After a lifetime in the learning business, Alan Bennett leaves a legacy.

The kids may forget his name.

But chances are, they’ll remember the junior high principal who always remembered theirs.