Do you doodle? One kid’s ‘Doodle 4 Google’ is making her a national star

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MANDEVILLE, La –  It’s kind of a personal question.

But WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood wants to ask it anyway.

Wild Bill Wood has found a fourth grader in Mandeville, Louisiana who simply says yes to the question in this week’s Wild Bill’s Amazing Kids brought to you by The Keating Law Firm.

Her name is Bailor Wells.

Bailor Wells is in the fourth grade with a class full of nine and ten year olds who all say yes to the question: do you doodle?

The fourth graders from Lake Harbor say yes with amazing enthusiasm when the question is refined to: do you or would you doodle for Google?

It’s a contest.

It’s called Doodle 4 Google.

Across America, more than 200,000 kids said yes to the challenge.

The assignment was to doodle something that inspires them.


As long as it’s inspirational.

Bailor Wells says she’s inspired by taking vacations with her family.

Bailor Wells says, “my favorite family vacation is going to the beach.  While playing in the waves, with my toes in the sand, I always start thinking about what lies in the deep ocean. The colors and marine life are so interesting to me!”

That said, Bailor Wells was inspired to doodle a whale.  It’s a blue whale.

Bailor confirms, “I like whales a lot, especially blue whales. And especially baby whales.”

Bailor Wells adds to that something from her heart, “whales are dying in the ocean because people are throwing their trash away and if my doodle wins, i think it’ll bring awareness to people.”

So for two hours a day for nearly two weeks, Bailor Wells doodled.  And she doodled more and more and more.

She says, “repeating the same shape over and over again to see what you come up with.”

And now, Bailor Wells is the winner from Louisiana.

Her doodle could win her a college scholarship and wind up on Google’s homepage for a day.

She needs your help.  She needs your vote in the Doodle 4 Google national contest.

To vote for Bailor Wells, just click right here and cast your ballot.


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