Our Boeuf Gras tour stops at Arnaud’s for velvety-tender filets

Devour Power
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In our second stop on the salute to the Boeuf Gras, we headed to the French Quarter to visit a legendary spot for creole cuisine that just happens to do really great steaks as well. Arnaud’s is closing in on its hundredth anniversary, and after tasting one of its three signature filet selections I truly understand why. Arnaud’s offers up two full Filet Mignons and a petite filet to round out their steak selections. Those filet dishes are the Petit Filet Lafitte (a petite filet topped with fried oysters), the Filet Mignon Charlemond (a filet in a rich mushroom sauce and topped with a Bearnaise sauce) and the selection we tried the Filet Mignon Au Poivre (a pepper crusted filet topped with a French Brandy cream sauce).

Chef Tommy DiGiovanni tells us that while Arnaud’s is most well-known for its authentic creole cuisine, these filets are no slouch.The Filet Au Poivre is seared in a very hot pan to both crust up the peppercorn crusting and to seal those great steak juices into the meat. The French Brandy cream sauce is the perfect touch to compliment that pepper-crusted steak. These filets are so tender that cutting them is nearly effortless. I was able to cut my filet with a butter knife. I had been told that this would be the case with the filet at Arnaud’s. It was certainly the case during our visit. There has to be some sort of advertising campaign there, right?

Ad campaign or not, there is just something very cool and unique about sitting down and enjoying great food in Arnaud’s big beautiful dining room. The windows and mirrors that line the perimeter of the main dining room creates a huge open feel. A walk through the front hallway leads you to the French 75 Bar, where you could chase down your dinner with the classic cocktail created by Arnaud’s. A world-class steak and an iconic French Quarter cocktail, what better way to celebrate the Boeuf Gras during Carnival.



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