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Well, another carnival season is upon us and over the next few weeks it will be pretty hard to turn around without seeing a King Cake.  However, there is a bakery in Gretna that has done the King Cake one better. The bakery is called Antoine’s  and their confectionery concoction is called the Queen Cake.

The Queen Cake is a tribute to excess. It is a revved up King Cake that offers a variety of flavors that have become so popular in the King Cake universe. Greg Antoine showed us just how this something for everyone is prepared. This cake has it all. A single Queen Cake will have portions that are traditional, some that are strawberry, some cream cheese, pineapple portions, apple portions and of course lemon portions. So no matter what flavor you’re looking for, you can certainly find it in the Queen Cake. So, if you need to please a crowd that  wants it all, offer up the Queen Cake. She is sure to please the masses.