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There’s a place on the eastern edge of the French Quarter (think Esplanade and Burgundy Street) that is not only a place to have drinks and see live entertainment, but can also satisfy your hunger 24/7. Buffa’s Bar not only serves libations around the clock, but it also serves up breakfast fare, sandwiches, appetizers, and unique themed burgers ’round the clock.

When we hit Buffa’s we were lucky enough to get a variety of great plates that the folks from Buffa’s wanted to show off. There are lots of great burgers in NOLA. The themed burgers on Buffa’s menu certainly don’t disappoint. At Buffa’s, a quick glance will give away a couple of things that make Buffa’s unique as an eatery. First, there is the hot sauce. Buffa’s not only has their own hot sauces on each table, but they also have a hot sauce window (or bar if you prefer) in the back dining room. It’s something that is really unique to Buffa’s. Think of the “mayo bar” at Company Burger.

Buffa’s has a selection of burgers that really cover the gamut. There are standards like the Buffa Burger (which can be dressed to your liking), the Patty Melt and the Buckaroo Burger (dressed with swiss, BBQ sauce, an onion ring) and a veggie burger. They also have some out of this world burgers (all having a sci-fi theme) like the Dark Side Burger(spicy)  or the Sith Lord Burger (extra spicy) and the “Way to Eden” Burger which is a double veggie burger topped with two cheeses and BBQ sauce then dressed.

The Rogers family that own Buffa’s are originally from the Midwest. So when it came to making jambalaya, Buffa’s gave their jambalaya a Midwestern touch by using Bratwurst as the sausage in their jambalaya recipe. The brats are boiled in beer before being folded into the jambalaya. They give the dish a really great and unique taste.

Breakfast staples like omelets and biscuits and gravy are also available at Buffa’s. If you are in the mood for finger foods or appetizers, Buffa’s offers up fries, onion rings, gator balls, wings and even fried green beans. So get to Buffa’s where you can spice up your dish and wash it down with a nice, cold beverage anytime you like.