Bagels are making their mark at the Creole Bagelry

Devour Power
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If you are a bread fiend, or a breakfast fan, or even someone who wants to try new twists on classic sandwiches the Creole Bagelry in Slidell might just be the perfect spot for you to try out. The gang at Creole Bagelry are coming in early every morning to boil and bake those east coast breads that can be eaten in almost any way your heart desires. Whether you prefer your bagel with a smear of cream cheese, or as the base of a breakfast or lunch sandwich, or even if you are a fan of those crispy, crunchy bagel chips the Creole Bagelry has you covered.

Owner, Darren Darby tells us that he started off as a customer of the establishment, but loved it so much that he ended up buying the place. Now Darren, his sons and his staff are churning out those east coast delicacies along with other breakfast items, a full lunch menu, salads and monthly and seasonal specials.

While we were there we had the chance to try assorted flavors of bagels a few sandwiches, an Eggs Benedict that is based on the classic New York bagel with cream cheese, salmon and capers. Wow! Can you say flavor overload? We also had the great pleasure of trying Creole Bagelry's version of a Monte Cristo. If you remember our trip to Jimmy J's in the French Quarter, you might remember that they too offer this kicked up grilled ham and cheese sandwich. Well, the Bagelry's version is excellent. It is served on multigrain bread that really holds together well in this sandwich. A raspberry dipping sauce is served on the side. It is the perfect accompaniment to this rich sandwich. We had a loaded salad called the Blue Bayou that is served with a pepper jelly vinaigrette that will satisfy any appetite. Creole Bagelry also served up a Croque Madame that was out of this world. I suggested to Darren that they could combine the Croque Madame and the Monte Cristo to make a super sandwich that would send cholesterol levels soaring. I don't know if they'll take me up on it, but hey a guy can dare to dream right?


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