Award worthy grub is on the menu in Hollywood South

Devour Power
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With all the TV and film production going on around town, there is an army of cast and crew that needs to be fed on sets all over New Orleans. On our latest Devour Power, we take a look at one company accepting the unique challenges of feeding the masses it requires to make movie magic.

Gala Catering has been a staple on movie sets not only in NOLA, but also on locations all over the country. These folks not only prepare meals that can satisfy any diet or taste but they also do it in any location and condition. Currently they are handling the culinary duties on at least two productions in town. Nick Santos tells us that the headcount on any particular production varies, but the folks at Gala are no strangers to feeding two hundred to three hundred people at a time.

When it comes to providing a balanced meal that pleases everyone’s palette, these culinary warriors make it a point to have their bases covered. Santos tells us that every day the menu consists of a beef, a chicken, and a seafood item. They also make a conscious effort to satisfy gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan diets. And they do it with style. Our poultry dish was a Turducken (yes, a Turducken). Believe me, when you are on a set for upwards of twelve to sixteen hours a day being able to count on great grub is an “Oscar” worthy perk…


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