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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – October is National Dessert Month. And in New Orleans, we have a cake that is beloved by old and young alike. It’s the Doberge cake, and at a place called Bakery Bar it’s the star of the show.

Doberge cake has been around the New Orleans area since the 1930s. Beulah Ledner introduced this decadent, sweet, layered piled high cake in 1933. It was originally seven thin layers of cake and icing stacked high and then covered in more icing.

The early cakes came in two flavors, chocolate and lemon. At some point, a half-and-half version of the Doberge surfaced. But for a considerable time those were the only flavors New Orleanians  knew.

The Doberge game certainly changed when Charlotte McGehee decided to get creative with the Doberge.

Charlotte began playing with different puddings to layer within the Doberge cake. Soon the Doberge, that’s Charlotte’s “Debbie does Doberge” morphed into flavors like wedding cake, pistachio, strawberry, coconut, butterscotch and even king cake flavor.

Charlotte is always tinkering and experimenting with flavors. She tells us that a few flavors didn’t work as well as she hoped. A version of Bananas Foster or Dulce de Leche just didn’t come together, Charlotte explains. She also tells us that if you are a fan of the split Doberge like the classic choco-lemon combo, you can do a split cake in her designer Doberge as well.

While the sweets are certainly the star of the show at Bakery Bar, there are more savory items on the menu as well.

The savory side of Bakery Bar’s menu is handled by Jordan Brown. Brown wanted to concentrate on small plates and sandwiches, one of which is  the Schnitzel Slider. This sandwich is awesome! It is perfectly fried and dressed with kimchi pickles and a lemon pepper aioli. Believe me, I could go for a dozen of these. They taste outstanding.

Bakery Bar also offers up a full assortment of drinks. Swing in and ask for the “fall guy.” It is a cocktail made with rum and house-made apple cider. It is a great fall cocktail that will go with nearly everything on Bakery Bar’s menu. So there you have it, Bakery Bar mastering sweet and savory and whipping up tasty drinks to wash it all down.

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