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In October of 2014 WGNO received six Emmy Nominations from the NATAS Suncoast Chapter. It was a great honor that we had six nominations representing both WGNO’s news and promotions departments. The six nominations were for Video Journalism (Journalist Voodoo), Graphic Arts-Art Direction (Bourbon Boom), Promotion Campaign (God Bless Louisiana), Feature News Report (Drive Through Diva), On Camera Talent-Medical (Dr. Rachel), and On Camera Talent-Narrator/Performer (Devour Power). Both of the On Camera Talent submissions were entered as composites of the segment entered. Here is What the Devour Power composite looked like…
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  Fast forward to Saturday December, 13th. WGNO won three of the six Emmy's we were nominated for (God Bless Louisiana, Dr. Rachel, and Devour Power). For Dr. Rachel it was her second nomination and second win in as many tries. It turned out to be a banner night for our Creative Services team. If you consider that those folks shoot and edit Devour Power, they actually were involved with four of the six WGNO nominations. Take a look at their handy work on this God Bless Louisiana promo...
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Now, allow me to talk about Devour Power's victory. This was not the first Emmy award-winning piece that I have ever worked on. However, it was the first time I was competing as a NATAS member and the first time my name was on the statue. I can honestly tell you that the only other time I have ever been that excited and nervous was the day I married my beautiful wife, Christy. After two hours and forty plus minutes of watching the other winners be announced and take the stage to make their acceptance speeches, I was about to collapse from the anticipation...
Then it happened, we reached my category and the judges announced that Devour Power composite was a winner. I only heard Devour and heard my wife whoop for joy (I only felt relief).¬† After a congratulatory pat from my wife and Wild Bill, I made the walk to the stage to receive the trophy and make my acceptance speech. I had never given one of these, but I knew EXACTLY who I wanted to thank and acknowledge. I had a "cheat sheet" but I never broke it out.    
Here are the folks I thanked... The restaurants who we have spotlighted. New Orleans is the world's greatest food city. It is, in my opinion also the most gracious food city. At the end of the day, Devour Power is about the food. Without the help of our city's food industry these pieces would not be possible. THANK YOU ALL! My station's General Manager, John Cruse. John has been a great supporter of both myself and the Devour Power segment since it's inception. There is no doubt in my mind that if it wasn't for his support, Devour Power would have never lived long enough to see this accolade. THANK YOU, John! All the folks in Creative Services. From their director Jeff Funk to all the folks who have worked on shooting and editing this segment (Bobby, Jared, Mike, Richard, Amanda, Shena). Y'all have had the unenviable task of making me look good on television. Kudos to every one of you! Lastly, my wife and my NOLA family. I have had great dining experiences at counters and tables throughout the greater New Orleans area. However my favorite experiences (and memories) have been with y'all. I love you guys! As viewers  of WGNO-TV and, I also would like to thank you! In 2015 we hope to bring you more great stories about our city and our culture. And you know how important food is here. Let's get after it!

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