Curren$y has big plans for the old Bud’s on City Park Ave.

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NEW ORLEANS— He’s proven to be one of the most consistent artists in the game, but New Orleans-born rapper Curren$y recently made news because of his interest in an iconic burger shop.

Curren$y says, “I’m from New Orleans so pretty much Bud’s Broiler practically raised me.”

The location near City Park has always had a special meaning for him.

“I know what it means to friends. This place was 24-hours at one point. Picking up #4’s with sauce. I didn’t mind the onions,” said Curren$y.

In an age when many young artists aspire to have the trappings of stardom, Curren$y is taking a tip from other hip hop stars that have started their own businesses, I’ve seen a few of mu friends do it. 2 Chains has multiple businesses in Atlanta.  My friend Nipsey Hustle has a lot of spots in Los Angeles. It’s my turn, ya know?”

Curren$y has set an opening date of Saturday April 27th, the same day he performs at Jazz Fest.

Hew has big plans for Life Burger on City Park Avenue, “I’ve got a lot of talented visual artists photogs and painters. This place will serve as a gallery as well because I can put up all of their art work. This going to be a way for me to really give my friends and a lot of my talented buddies an avenue to show who they are too.”


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