Choppa says ‘it’s a wonderful experience’ to be a part of Saints’ success

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NEW ORLEANS– You can’t turn on a football game these days without somone doing the Choppa Style dance for a touchdown celebration.

The artist Choppa released the song back in 2002 and he recently stopped by WGNO-TV to tell us how he found out about the song’s new life as a sports anthem.

Choppa says, “You have to ask the fans that. I was actually at the game.
Sitting down. I had got me some nachos.  The song came on.
I am so used to hearing it everywhere I go. It wasn’t nothing new, but I said, ‘Wait! We’re in the Dome!’ I never heard it in the Dome.  I start looking around, and I’m watching the reaction from the people. Next thing you know I had to drop my nachos, and I was cutting up with the people. We were just having a great time.”

Choppa also said the he enjoyed having the team get involved, “To see Alvin Kamara and Thomas and Mark Ingram on that sideline just enjoying themselves. I know they had to be real young when that song first came out.
To see them partying to it now? Oh, my goodness. It’s just a wonderful experience.”

Choppa also told us where the dance came from, “To me it was the motorbike challenge. Yeah. Fans call it the Choppa Style, so it is what it is. The fans are undefeated.”

As a New Orleans artist, Choppa is proud to be a part of all the excitement and success of the Saints. “Just to be a part of that right now man, it’s just so great.
It’s my favorite team. Also to see LSU doing it also. I just hope that this energy continues. With our city, when the Saints are playing and we doing great, the crime rate goes down. Everybody’s getting along. You can get over in traffic. You can be in a restaurant, say Who Dat if you want to, and everybody is going to start chanting or say Choppa Style. They going to get up and start doing the dance.
Shout out to my new fans I mean it’s just an amazing feeling to have the same energy I had when I first came in the game with the same record. To see it revamp itself in 2019. The people still have the same vibration going through their soul when they hear this record. You know what I’m saying?”


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