Cat Missing for Six Years, Brought Home after Microchip Scanned

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New Orleans – For the past six years, Nancy Bissinger has taken care of a cat, she lovingly calls “Driveway Cat.”

“This cat was my outdoor cat, “Driveway Cat” is what I called him. I fed him everyday in the driveway,” Bissinger says.

That was until he got sick and she brought him to the Cat Hospital of Metairie.

The veterinarian recommended checking “Driveway Cat” for a microchip.

More than a thousand miles away, in Washington D.C. was Rebecca Hill.

Hill is Driveway Cat’s  original owner, and that phone call was one that she didn’t see coming.

“I was just, I don’t know. I was just so happy. And in disbelief, really. I didn’t think I would see him again,” says Hill.

“The veterinarian here told me that often when a cat has been missing for that long the owner has moved on. But this owner was very excited that we had found the cat,” says Bissinger.

May be hard to believe, but Driveway Cat was not his actual name.

Rather it was Reginald, and Reginald was nursed back to health as a kitten after Hurricane Gustav.

Six years ago he was let out by mistake and hadn’t been seen since.

“I am just really amazed and grateful. That Reginald found his way to Nancy’s house. That she took such great care of him,” says Hill.

“Next time I have one that shows up, I’ll make sure I take him in immediately and see if he belongs to anybody,” says Bissinger.

“Even though it’s been six years now, I’m just so happy to have him back and to know that he’s okay. Because I always worried.”

Reginald had only gone four blocks away, but was well taken care of by Bissinger.

Getting a microchip at the Cat Hospital of Metairie is only fifty dollars, including registration.

Everyone in this scenario, is very happy Reginald is back home with Rebecca thanks to that microchip.


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