Carrollton pothole turning into a geyser

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NEW ORLEANS– Folks in Carrollton have had enough of their streets looking the way they do.

You can’t drive down any road really, without hitting a pothole.

Especially on  Willow Street and Joseph Street.

Neighbors say it started out as a crack in the road a few months ago, and a little bit of water was coming through.

A month later, you have a full-blown pothole, and now there is a geyser.

All the heavy traffic just makes it worse and worse.

They say there are not a lot of lights on this street, so at night lots of cars are hitting the pothole.

It’s been causing a lot of problems and everyday it’s getting bigger.

Neighbors say they’d like to see the Sewerage and Water Board to come out there and stop the leak.

They say the running water is what’s making it grow so fast, and it’s going to start causing problems to other properties.

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