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BAY ST. LOUIS, Ms – He’s just ten years old.

And already, he’s one of the best sail boat captains in the country.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood says Connor Fanberg knows his way around a sailboat.

That’s why Connor Fanberg is now one of Wild Bill’s Amazing Kids brought to you by your friends at The Keating Law Firm.

Connor also plays baseball and soccer. But it’s sailing that makes him a star.

In the fourth grade, Connor Fanberg is the kind of kid with work.  Like any ten-year-old, he’s got schoolwork and he’s got homework.

But Connor’s homework is on the water.  He does his homework in a sailboat built for one.  Just Connor Fanberg is out there gliding near the Gulf of Mexico in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

Even after his baseball and soccer games, Connor says, he’d rather be sailing.

Connor Fanberg says, “I think it’s just more fun than all those other sports.”

Wild Bill Wood asks him, “is it even more fun than school?”

Connor says, “definitely more fun than school.”

Sailing has been Connor Fanberg’s sport since he was seven.

Wild Bill knows why.

Sailing is in Connor Fanverg’s blood.  His mom and dad met sailing.

It all started as a family affair and it’s still a family affair.

All you have to do is look at who’s got his eye on Connor.

It’s  his brother, eight-year-old Anders Fanberg.

Anders Fanberg is the unofficial president of the unofficial Fanberg Family Sailing Club.

Wild Bill wonders and asks Anders, “when you see your brother out there sailing across the water, you must be really proud of him?”

Anders Fanberg says, “no, actually I’m jealous.”

You’d be a jealous brother, too.  Connor Fanberg is one of the best sailing kids for his age in America. He just got back from Miami where he competed with more than 225 other kids in a sailing race.

Wild Bill asks Connor, “when you’re out there, one man and his sailboat, what are you thinking about, what’s on your mind?”

Connor says, “I’m thinking about the weather and just how i’m going to win the race and have fun.”

Connor thinks he’d like to be captain of a cargo ship one day. But he knows, sailing looks physical, and it is physical.

But it’s really a mental game.

Wild Bill wonders, “are you ever thinking so much you actually get a headache?

Connor says, “well, if I don’t drink enough water, I will get a headache.”

For a kid who sails, sometimes you have to get a headache, to get, a head.