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LULING, La – Who on Earth goes to a library to look at the eclipse?

Well, WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood says people at the St. Charles Parish Library where the planetarium is.

That’s where the guy who runs the planetarium, his name is Jason Talley, has invited the whole town of Luling, Louisiana to his eclipse watch party.

And they’re watching.

And they’re loving every moment.

Nobody loves this moment more than Shanelle Harris. She’s getting a look at the eclipse for the first time ever.

She says it looks like a banana.

Wild Bill wonders if all this is making her hungry.

She says it is.

For a banana split!

Most people bring snacks and appetizers to parties.  But for this eclipse party,  Shawn Pitz brought his own telescope with a special filter that makes it okay to look at the sun.

And that’s what everybody’s doing.

As Shawn Pitz says, it’s not a total eclipse that everybody gets to see, but it’s a good one.

Wild Bill sees a group of kids gathered around the telescope looking and being amazed.

Wild Bill wonders if any of the kids has thought about what will happen the day after the eclipse.

One of these kids not only knows what tomorrow will be like.  She sings what tomorrow will be like.

She’s Olivia Tuck.  She’s thirteen years old.  She’s always starring in local musical theatre productions.

Olivia belts out the forecast for the day after the eclipse by proudly singing, “the sun’ll come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there’ll be sun!”