Breast Cancer Survivors Awarded Major Grant For Chemo Beanies Invention

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Two breast cancer survivors from Covington were awarded a $250-thousand grant today from Chase Bank for their Chemo Beanies invention.

Angelle Albright and Danielle Fournier are sisters who launched Chemo Beanies in 2010.  Chemo Beanies are stylish head covers for women battling cancer.   Being survivors themselves, they struggled with wigs, hats, scarves and they wanted to invent something that made them feel comfortable and beautiful.

“It’s a large amount of money.  This money will transform Chemo Beanies into a real company.  A company that will help women all over the world.  Necessity is the mother of invention.  Knowing how painful it can be to go through cancer, we want other women to not have to feel that pain,”  Albright said.

The sisters want to give “News with a Twist” a special shout-out because she only found out about the Chase Bank grant when she logged onto our website to watch a story we previously did on Chemo Beanies.  Albright said she saw the advertisement on our website and decided to enter the contest.

Chemo Beanies won out 35-thousand applicants.

With this grant, the sisters also get a marketing workshop with Google.

Since 2010, they’ve sold more than 45,000  beanies.

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