Bourgeois Meat Market does Cajun meat the old school way

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THIBODAUX, La. — Bourgeois Meat Market is 128 years old and still going strong thanks to their famous jerky and old fashioned smoke houses.

Beau Bourgeois, the fourth generation owner of his family’s business, says it all started with his great-grandfather.

“His name was Valerie Jean-Batiste Bourgeois, and he started Bourgeois Meat Market in 1891.  He would take a cow or a pig each day and slaughter it and then he would go house to house, you know, just door to door until it was all gone. It was back in the day before refrigeration,” says Bourgeois.

Then this Cajun meat market was taken over by his grandfather.

“He fought in World War II, and when he got back home he took over for his dad who had gotten ill.”

Over each generation, the Bourgeois boys continued to do things the old school way and give customers the freshest cut of meat.”

“You come to the counter and tell us what you want. We cut it and wrap it right there in front of you and nothing is pre-packaged,” says Bourgeois.

Their most popular product is beef jerky that is marinated 24 hours and then smoked for an entire day.

They sell around a thousand pounds a week.

They’re also known for their boudin hogshead cheese, smoked sausage, andouille.

“This is something I’ve done my entire life, and it’s something I’ve seen my dad and my grandpa doing.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized just how special it is that we still got this going on,” says Bourgeois.

Their slogan is “Miracles and Meat since 1891,” and the Bourgeois family says they work to meet that miracle standard on a daily basis.

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