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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Bacon’s had a lot of partners, but when bacon met booze it was love at first sight. So the Orleans Grapevine created Bacon Happy Hour. Its heart-stopping heaven on earth! Patrons love it. “Wine and bacon, I think it’s a pretty good little combination.”

“I think it’s a good match and I wouldn’t have thought so but I think it’s great. We’re really enjoying it.”

“Everybody’s super excited the whole time. Everybody’s in a fantastic mood during bacon happy hour. It makes it really fun to be at work,” says Sunshine, Bartender at Orleans Grapevine.

Bacon is the bar snack you’ve dreamed about until now and the salty flavor actually perfectly complements a sweet cocktail!

“I mean obviously it goes with Bloody Mary’s and martinis but it goes really well with chocolate martinis, it goes really well with Old-Fashioneds and I love making special drinks for people so when people come in and they say that they just want something that has a certain flavor component, I like to make creations for them and name it after them and give them their own bacon drink,” says Sunshine.

Of course, Bacon Mania is nothing new, last year Americans spent four billion dollars on bacon. The unique flavor is said to have no true taste substitute.

“You know, other places give you cocktail peanuts, we give you bacon. There’s no better thing in the world to put on the bar then bacon because everybody loves it.”

Happy Hour is 4-6 p.m. and 10-midnight, Monday through Friday. The Orleans Grapevine is located at 720 Orleans Ave. in the French Quarter.