Blue Bikes giving helmets away to keep Cyclists Safe

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New Orleans – The city is working on becoming more bike friendly. With more people on the roads it’s important for everyone to have safety gear.

“I just wanted to be sure that I was safe. If anything were to happen, my noggin is covered,” says Jennifer Roe, one of many that stopped by the playground in the Lafitte Greenway to get a helmet.

Blue bikes is giving away helmets this summer.

“I need to get one for my daughter and tell a bunch of people about it,” says Dana Meloncon.

Roe says she started riding a bike to help with her dog walking job and with clients all over the city a bike was the perfect option.

“I decided it was a good idea to learn how to use the Blue Bikes because I was having clients in the French Quarter and then I would go over to the Warehouse District. Using the Blue Bikes made it so much easier to get from one place to the next.”

With these giveaways it’s a chance for Blue Bikes to listen to the riders. Getting their input and using it towards the city’s master plan of becoming more bike friendly.

It’s also a chance for the people there to educate people in cars. Showing them how to better use the roadways with cyclists.

“I think cars need to be more aware of us. We tend to fight with the cars a lot,” says Meloncon.

Helmets will be given away every second and fourth Monday of the month.



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