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Take a drive around town and art may catch your attention. Exagere Gallery in the French Quarter may only be a year old, but they’re putting up 14 billboards to push their next over the top event.

“We will be displaying all the artwork that is on the billboards at Exagere,” says Laura Rochon.

It’s international art on display in what very well could be the wackiest gallery in town.

“We have red walls with glitter, purple molding, imported cheetah carpet and marble floors as well as one of a kind couture furniture and jewelry. Every single piece that is on our floor, on our walls, you will never find anywhere else. We only carry one of a kind,” says Rochon.

The show coincides with festival season and that is no coincidence. They’re hoping the extra traffic outdoors drives more foot traffic at the gallery, and what’s a better way to get this party started than with a free party.

“What is happening on the 13th is Lips by Perfecto. An art show incorporating fashion, music, theater and art and like all Exagere art shows. It will be an absolute spectacle,” exclaims Rochon, “Art is crucial to this city. It’s something that keeps the city moving. Tourists are dependent on this city obviously, and they come for this artistic background.”

It’s a chance to expose locals and tourists to global art and make a difference. While the entrance and drinks are free the art isn’t, and a portion of sales will benefit a local nonprofit aimed at improving literacy among New Orleans youth.

To secure your spot at the party on Saturday send an email to:

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