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On his way to the state contest

COVINGTON, La – In a chemistry class, there’s a curious kid.

He’s sitting in the front row.

A sixteen-year-old high school junior.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood says he’s now one of Wild Bill’s Amazing Kids brought to you by your friends at the Keating Law Firm.

And Wild Bill notices, the kid is wearing a tie.

Why the tie?

The kid says, “I feel like I’m kind of a fancier person at heart and my wardrobe lets me address that and it speaks volumes to who I really am.”

He is Justin Basse.

And the wardrobe, like the kid speaks pure poetry.

And right here at Covington High School, standing on stage, Justin Basse beat out 21 other teenagers speaking poetry.

In a competition to be the best in the parish, he’s now the St. Tammany Poetry Out Loud Champ.

Justin Basse says, “all the way from nursery rhymes to performing them for poetry competitions.”

Justin is now warming up his act now for the state contest.

He rehearses in front of his theatre class.

He’s used to the spotlight.

Already a star as Romeo and King Arthur in Camelot.

He’s on a long list of school shows that lead him to perform poetry.

Justin says, “poetry feels very profound to me and it’s not a stuffy performer, it’s just me on a stage having a conversation.”

Looks like he’s on his way.

Since he’s already got his own way with words.


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