Best In Show: fifth grade girls dancing like stars for the Year of the Dog

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NEW ORLEANS –  If you’re a fan of the fan dance, there’s a fan club of New Orleans fifth grade girls.

These ladies are rehearsing to perform for their school.

Like the the Texas two-step or the tango ….you don’t simply slide on stage and bust-a-move.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood is learning it takes a ten-year-old teacher to share the past with somebody barely in the present.

That somebody is Wild Bill Wood who gets a lesson in doing this dance from Willique Lemon, Mariah Cador, Ximena Rodriguez, Tu-Uyen Hoang, Man Truong, Kelly Nguyen, Lynn Garcia and Natalie Portillo.

They are all fifth graders at Einstein Charter School Sherwood Forest.

The Vietnamese girls have been working with the other girls in the school for about a month.

They’ll perform the dance for the entire school.

That’s how they’ll celebrate and share this fan dance that celebrates and shares the new year.


It’s the Year of the Dog.

What does that mean?

The dog is the eleventh in the line up of zodiac animals that are: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and of course, pig.

The dog and the year, according to the calendar, are associated with honesty and loyalty.

The last Year of the Dog was 2006.

The next Year of the Dog will be 2030.

According to the tradition, a boy born in the Year of the Dog will be straightforward and genuine.

And as for girls born in the Year of the Dog, they will be cautious.

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