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NEW ORLEANS — If you are in the French Quarter and you begin to hear bells, you are not hearing them from the local cathedral. No, you are not losing your mind, either. A new contemporary sound installation has officially debuted at the Historic New Orleans Collection on Tuesday. Recitations, pour le triomphe de la liberté et de l’égalité, is an instillation on sound by Zarouhie Abdalian. These are a set of five different bells that sit on rooftops throughout the French Quarter and play at different times of the day with different sets of sounds. Recitations will reoccur daily at 3:00 p.m. no through June 3rd, 2018. “I think one reason I choose to work with sound is because it’s social and it’s something that is shared in space and so you are listening, and you are listening with other people. Not everyone will have the same interpretation, but you are sharing this experience together,” says Abdalian. The sounds can be heard across Toulouse, Royal, St. Louis, and Chartres streets.