Behind-the-Scenes of ABC’s ‘What Would You Do?’ in New Orleans

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – ABC’s award-winning primetime show, “What Would You Do?” premieres Friday night on WGNO.  Recently, the crew filmed in several cities along the Mississippi River, including here in New Orleans.  News With A Twist reporter Deepak Saini went behind-the-scenes to see what it takes to pull off the surprising scenarios.

It takes an army to pull off one of the most successful shows on Primetime TV.  Upstairs, ABC’s “What Would You Do?” host John Quinones and his crew call the shots.  Downstairs, reality plays out.”

The scenario:  A good Samaritan brings a homeless person into a restaurant, she buys him a meal, and the bartender tries to chase him out.

Host John Quinones says, “I know it’s been several years since Katrina.  I covered the storm here as a reporter but there are still people suffering from homelessness and the effects of the horrific storm.  You seem them on the streets.  I think it’s getting better but it still exists.”

With the stage set, how will people react?

“I think it speaks well of New Orleans.  The locals, particularly, have jumped in and stepped up for the person in need,” says Quinones.

But sometimes, filming doesn’t always go as planned.

Quinones on walkie-talkie, “He suspects there’s cameras, right?”

Patron says, “It was pretty obvious.  He looks like an actor, first off.  He missed my beer call a couple of times, so I knew he blew it there.”

But as often seen on the show, some reactions will restore your faith in humanity.

John Quinones: “You got angry at the guy!”  Rebecca Nakhid: “Yes!  There are people taking my picture, oh my God!”  John Quinones:  “Tell us what you were thinking?”  Rebecca Nakhid: “We have a lot of people on the street like that now.”

The interaction between the bartender and the unsuspecting patron is one you definitely have to see.

Reporter: “When he called him unhuman, that stirred something in you.”  Rebecca Nakhid: “Oh!  That worked me half to death.  I was really upset.  That touched a nerve in me.

With such raw emotion, even for these actors, it’s a fine line between acting and reality.

Actor Gabriel Lawrence says, “For me being out there on the street, seeing people, some looked me in the eye, some turned away, I get affected because this could be my life.  I’m an actor.  Who knows where I’ll be in a few years.

Actor Andy Peeke says, “We all do get down on our luck sometimes.  Just lend a helping hand and pay it forward when you can.  What goes around comes around.”

John Quinones says, “There’s a lot of discrimination out there.  There’s a lot of homophobia and racism and stereotyping that we still have to take care of.  It reminds us that we still have to care about our fellow man.”

When you’re put to the test, one day, this could be you.

Kristi Dameron says, “I’ve always wanted to be on it.  This is crazy!”

“What Would You Do?” premieres on WGNO at 9/8c Friday, May 23rd.

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