Beauty Tips with Dr. Burkenstock: Chemicals and the aging process

Beauty Tips with Dr. B
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NEW ORLEANS — Women are like a fine bottle of wine. We get better as we age. Sometimes, though, as we go through these hormonal changes, our body and our sexual health changes.

There is something we can do to regain that voluptuous vitality, including changes in our environment, like foods and chemicals that we run into every day.

One chemical that’s found in yoga mats – azodicarbonamide — is also found in hamburger and hot dog buns, and it’s not something we should be digesting.

We also find chemicals in our storage containers. You should be using glass and stainless steel.

It is best to avoid processed food and chemicals so that you can age gracefully.

If you want help in making sure you age with the grace you deserve, call Dr. Burkenstock’s office today.

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