BayouWear celebrates the 50th year of Jazz Fest with dancing man logo

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NEW ORLEANS — It’s the last weekend of Jazz Fest, and beside the performances and delicious foods, a lot of fest-goers are into the fashion.

I’m talking about BayouWear’s colorful and creative designs that folks like to cover themselves in every festival.

This year’s design might just be the jazziest I’ve ever seen, and it comes just in time for this landmark year.

“When we were thinking about what fabric would really convey the 50th year. We really went back to basics and thought, what is the most iconic symbol of the festival? Certainly, the dancing man logo stood out to us. We sort of got ourselves in the frame of mind of 1970, the first year of the festival, and rifted on this sort of 1970’s interpretation of the dancing man logo,” says the operations manager of Art4Now, Rachel Hudson.

Art4Now helps facilitate the creation and sale of BayouWear.

Their tent can be found beside the flag pole that marks the middle of the fairgrounds.

“We’ve noticed that there are more younger people buying our clothes and attending the festival, and we want to make sure we have offerings for them. So, we’ve also introduced 2 wrap skirts, in both a mini and a maxi length,” says Rachel as she shows off some of the different styles.

There’s also a tie top dress, bayou shorts, earrings, and even cuff-links with this years emblem.

Rachel says that if you buy a piece of BayouWear, you are basically buying a piece of history.

“Just the number of people I’ve seen walking around the festival this year wearing this pattern shows me that it’s a true souvenir of this festival,” says Rachel.

The designer of this year’s look is local artist, Theresa Davis Shea.

Her design is proving to be a success, because this year’s logo was the most popular ever.

To learn more about purchasing some BayouWear, click here. 


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