Bars prepared for LSU frenzy this weekend

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New Orleans – Crowds are expected to flood New Orleans this weekend, and every bar in the French Quarter will have open doors.

Thankfully, there’s plenty of supply to meet the demand.

Bourbon Street is ground zero for anything big that happens in the city.

LSU and Clemson fans are expected to be out there in full force.

We asked a few local distributors about how they were preparing for the influx of people.

City Wholesale Liquor Co. says that they don’t believe there will be a larger number of people out.

They say because of the Saints loss last weekend less people will be out, and they say they will now focus on Mardi Gras in the next few weeks.

In the French Quarter however, the bars are fully prepared.

They too believe that the Saints loss will have a small impact, but not much.

“I feel like it’s going to be a lot of locals, a lot of Louisiana residents coming down here. Kind of the same crowd that we experience for Mardi Gras. Everybody is excited and there’s going to be a lot of them,” says Kristin Vanduzee of Tropical Isle.

Not only is this home turf for LSU, but both LSU and Clemson are considered party schools. Those bartenders believe that will also factor in to people coming to the Quarter for the weekend and game day.

“This is Clemson and LSU. Alright, these two school are big schools. They’re party schools. They’re coming to Bourbon Street to party, the alumni are coming here to party,” says Chad Wall of Bourbon Vibezz.

Some of those bartenders we talkedto say they haven’t ordered more liquor, but they are overstocked and over-staffed for this weekend. All believing it will be a great dry run for Mardi Gras.


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