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Carving out a career with ice cubes

NEW ORLEANS  – When it’s time to open the door to go to work, one guy goes deep into his deep freezer.

That’s his office. That’s where he keeps his ice cubes.

WGNO News with a Twist features reporter Wild Bill Wood wants you to meet the man who is New Orleans’ only custom ice cube carver.

His name is Chuck Avery. He slices up the ice like a cake – except he uses a butcher saw.

Chuck was a Louisiana kid who went west to California to study microbiology.  He came home to be a bartender. Then he decided to dive right into the middle of all those drinks he served.

That’s when he started making, actually started carving custom ice cubes.

His creations include diamonds in the rough, soccer balls, you name it. He takes a 2-ton machine that’s normally used to pull engines out of cars and instead pulls out 400-pound ice cubes.

His sculpted ice cubes are sold to local bars and used in specialty drinks.

There’s already a guy who calls himself Ice Cube.  And there’s Ice-T.

Chuck Avery is Ice Wizard.


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