At Ponchatoula High, one team has officially gone fishing: for the Louisiana state title

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PONCHATOULA, La – If you’re usually fishing for compliments, like WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood, you’ll appreciate that’s not what a group of guys from Ponchatoula High School is doing.

These kids are fishing for bass.

And doing that in hopes of getting a state championship.

That’s why the Ponchatoula High Bass Fishing Team is made up of Wild Bill’s Amazing Kids brought to you by The  Keating Law Firm.

Because after all, what would life be like without fishing.

Ponchatoula High Fishing Team member C. J. Gatlin says, ” something to look forward to at end of week or day, have a day on the water.”

C. J. Gatlin.

Peyton Waller.

Nathan Tompkins.

London Moskau.

They’re in the boat that floats with the Fishing Team from Ponchatoula High School.  It’s an idea that started a few years ago when one kid got a nibble.

Wild Bill says to Peyton Waller, “that makes you the quarterback of the team!”

Peyton Waller says, “absolutely, because I like to share my passion fishing with the team I love the most.”

It takes more than luck for the Louisiana anglers who just angled their way to the state bass fishing  championship.  It’s the top tournament.

And for the first time in history, Ponchatoula High is headed there.

Nathan Tompkins says, “we’re representing our high school and representing the parish because we’re the only team.”

They competed at fishing contests all year, casting their lines against hundreds of high school kids who love and live to fish.   And the bass these boys catch and release, by the way, don’t have to be the biggest or the most beautiful.  They do have to tip the scales and weigh the most.

That’s the way to reel in a state title.

Wild Bill says, “does the fishing team get a homecoming queen?”

London Moskau, ” there’s no need for a homecoming queen, bass is the king of all fish.”

You don’t have to play football or basketball or baseball to go for the gold.

Not when your field of dreams is a fishing hole.


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