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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Scientists have come from around the world to talk about water.

That’s water from the world’s oceans.

That’s what they’re talking about at the 2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting.

WGNO News with a Twist features reporter Wild Bill Wood says there’s a lot of brain power at this New Orleans get together.  And a lot of that power is right there on the posters in the hands of the scientists.

Ocean experts are seen wandering the halls of the convention center in New Orleans carrying their poster cases with deep thoughts in their heads.

In one of the halls is where they gather to explain the theories behind the posters.

That’s what Wild Bill wants to find out about.

One topic is the number of oceans on the planet.

You know the four standard oceans you learned in fifth grade Earth science.  Those oceans are Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Arctic.

Now, on many lists, the Southern Ocean has appeared.

The Southern Ocean is the name of the body of water most people used to call the Antarctic.

It’s the “newest” ocean on the map.

And no doubt a possible topic for one of the posters at the 2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting in New Orleans.

The scientists will be in New Orleans through Friday February 26.