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NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA–  M.S. Rau is one of the largest antiques and fine arts dealers in world.  Located at 622 Royal Street in New Orleans, it is now even grander.  The owners have added on a new building chalked full of artifacts with some of humanities most intriguing stories.

Rebecca Rau is the director of strategic development and a fourth generation arts dealer says, “it’s allowed our bigger pieces to breathe and our fine art collection on the 2nd floor is little more modern, our fine art collection on the third floor is a little bit more 19th century and master focused.”

The new building makes the entire collection about 40 thousand square feet of luxury.  The building use to be a the site of apartments and has historic value itself because it, part of the site where the 2nd major French Quarter fire of the 19th century happened.  Long since fierce flames have been extinguished, the internal creative fire of mankind’s story is every present in the collection’s artifacts.  Here is where you find paintings by crooner Frank Sinatra, done at a time later in his life, when he was no longer singing. The collection is also home to curious finds such as an erotic bronze statue from 20th century Austria; it has a mechanical switch that allows the cheeky woman to flash those who look at her.  There is an elaborate imperial map desk made for Franz Joseph of Austria, the third longest monarch in European history.

M.S. Rau has long been a place of fascination and wonder, and part of that lore was because of a secret room that housed countless treasures hidden form the main gallery.  The expansion the secret room is gone, and now all of the treasures are out on display in their full glory.  However, it is noteworthy to mention that the mystique of M.S. Rau is ever present and they will unveil a jewelry vault with some of society’s most exorbitant and lustrous accessories.



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