‘A’ is for alphabet. ‘B’ is for bestseller. ‘C’ is for create a book for kids

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NEW ORLEANS – A question for kids at Holy Name of Jesus School.

Wild Bill Wood, WGNO News with a Twist features guy and chief questioner asks, “what’s your favorite letter in the alphabet?”

Every kid likes a different letter.

The kids answer while they watch a bigger kid reading to them from a book.

The kid reading the book says about the letters in the alphabet, “we’ve got all those letters including the letter ‘I’ which in the book is an itty, bitty inch worm.”

Who is this guy?

He says about himself, “I can’t see myself working any other job, working in a cubicle, working nine-to-five, because I’m a free spirit, meant to be out in the world creating.”

No wonder this kid is one of Wild Bill’s Amazing Kids brought to you by your friends at the Keating Law Firm.

This kid is not in school at Holy Name of Jesus.

He’s actually going back to school and reading to a class full of pre-K kids.

He’s helping the, letter by letter to learn their ABC’s.

They’re learning because of the book Paul Roach has.

Wild Bill says , “I think you found your inner four-year-old.”

Paul Roach says, “I definitely did and I had to go back to this point and it was exciting and fun to do.”

Paul Roach paints every day.

And he paints every night.

And it’s more than just his homework here at Loyola University where he’s an art major.

It’s Paul’s passion.

Paul’s painting and drawing back in high school is how he got his work in a book about the alphabet.

“B” could soon be for bestseller with Paul’s book for sale in the school bookstore.  To get published, he had to compete with people from across the country, but the book’s authors picked Paul.

At Holy Name of Jesus School, Paul Roach is not just a guest.  He’s a graduate.

He’s a graduate  who remembers his time here probably the same way these kids will.

As one, wonderfully illustrated chapter.


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